35 Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse

We know that the younger age that a youth becomes involved with risky behaviors, the more likely they are to continue to abuse substances later in their lives. Share this article with anyone! We can all help the youth around us. http://cathytaughinbaugh.com/35-ways-to-help-prevent-your-teen-from-drug-abuse-before-they-are-21/?utm_source=ReviveOldPost&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost–  

NSMS Leadership Training

On Thursday, January 21st, Nancy Hans and Taylor Powell went to Northside Middle School to do leadership training with their YADAPP club! What an insightful group of youth! Thank you for inviting us to do leadership training with you all. Here are pictures of the club representing their Know More campaign!

Second Community Outreach Summit to be held on Thursday, January 28th

The Community Outreach Summit will be held on Thursday, January 28th, at 6:30 PM at Pilgrim Baptist Church. Each summit is self contained; you did not have to attend the first summit to reap the benefits of the second summit! Our knowledgeable panel will include law enforcement, counselling services, and teenagers to offer a wide […]

NIDA’s National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week is THIS WEEK

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is sponsoring National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week. Two of our local Roanoke County high schools will be participating. The goal is for students to educate their peers on drugs and alcohol so they can know the facts. On Tuesday, there will be a live chat for students to […]

News from NPR: “Anatomy of Addiction: How Heroin and Opiods Hijack the Brain”

Click the play button below to listen to this recent news story from NPR Shots.  

Checkout the Blue Ridge Poison Control Newsletter!

Click HERE to find more information from Blue Ridge Poison Control on rising calls due to synthetic marijuana exposures, exposures to pets, and other exposures to children, especially during the holiday season.  

Happy Holidays!

To all of our friends and members of the Prevention Council, We wish you and your families a blessed and safe holiday season. Gifts come in many ways and we thank you for your support of our mission to promote the healthy and safe development of our youth, teens, young adults and families. Over the […]